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RFP Template for International Exhibit Requests

Updated: Jan 27, 2018

New RFP Template for International Projects

An RFP template has been developed over the past four years to enhance communication between international exhibit suppliers, or exhibit managers, with projects abroad. Since English is the official language of our industry, this rfp template outlines key questions in English that provide the critical data needed to produce an estimate correctly the first time around. In addition to the English rfp document, 150 key words and terms are included in the template with translations into 12 different languages. All translations were submitted by IFES member companies working in our industry globally.

Since most requests for a proposal are due tomorrow, it does not leave you much time to ask questions and waste valuable time assuming. This template helps to clarify any misunderstandings regarding KEY words that we all use in our industry. There is also a glossary with additional word translations at the end of the template.

Let’s face it, there is always a question, but with cleaner information we can at least give and stop wasting valuable time. English/ Italian Example

In the end, it’s not what you say, but what you mean that matters.

See a full example of a sample template at

Go to tab “International Trade Show Tools” and select an rfp template in the language of your choice.


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